The TEA Project Core Team

Kevin G. Zhang

The founder, Kevin G Zhang, graduated from Tsinghua University and currently lives in Silicon Valley, USA. In 2015, when he was the CTO of Silicon Valley startup iHealth Labs, he discovered a market need that couldn't be met. At that time, iHealth Labs already had a large number of patients' medical data. However, it was barely used due to the strict regulations protecting medical data and the inability of the internet infrastructure at that time to protect it in transit. That became the starting point for Kevin's idea of establishing a trusted computing environment to protect patient privacy data. In 2017, he entered the blockchain industry and determined that it was the best direction to solve the privacy requirements for such important data. He established ELK Insight LLC to continue his technical research. In 2018, he began work as an independent contractor for technical community development in the blockchain space. During this time, Kevin started to become disillusioned with the blockchain technology of the companies he was contracted to work for. Most importantly, he felt that they couldn't reach the trust necessary to safeguard critical data. His insistence on the use of trusted hardware to achieve distributed computing led him to leave his work as a contractor in 2019 and begin working on a solution to this problem. Kevin then began researching and developing the TEA Project, which he's continued to this day.

Roy Yin

Go-to-market leader Roy Yin is a Web3 enthusiast and believes it will profoundly change today’s internet. He had developed global launch strategies for smart devices while he was in senior management roles at Xiaomi, Apple, and Blackberry. Including 1st Xiaomi smartphone launch in India/Indonesia/Brazil, 1st Blackberry smartphone launch in China, and Apple iPhone/iPad launches in APAC.

Since 2017, Roy has started to lead a series of tech startups aiming to improve people’s everyday life, such as remote patient monitoring in the Healthcare sector, NLP (natural language processing) for languages in developing countries (e.g. Hindi/Bangladesh/Swahili/Arabic), and Web 3 infrastructure.

George Pornaras

Content marketer George Pornaras graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His past experience includes writing B2B content for cloud computing companies as well as tech startups. His most recent work experience prior to the TEA Project was working as a marketing consultant as part of a dual China-United States team at Luminus, a manufacturer of LED lights.

Jacky Li

Software engineer Jacky Li graduated from the Dalian University of Technology. He has been working with Kevin for more than 10 years dating back to their time together at iHealth Labs. He was in the past a systems architect at HP.

Raindust Mingzhi Yan

Software engineer Mingzhi Yan graduated from Wuhan University. Prior to TEA Project, he was engaged in artificial intelligence and multi-party secure computing research and development at Yuncong Technology.

Alsein Xiang

Software engineer Alsein Xiang (pronounced as /ˈælseɪn ʃʌŋ/) graduated from the University Of Wollongong in Australia. He most recently worked for iVolution Capital as a system engineer optimizing their high-frequency trading infrastructure. Prior to that, Alsein engaged in Rust development as a member of the Lark Video Conference team at Bytedance.

The TEA Project Has Full-Time & Part-Time Contributors

All team members are working full time on the TEA Project. Since the TEA Project is an open source project, there are a large number of part-time and community developers as well as other roles participating. These people are not listed in the core team, however, their IDs can be found on Github.

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