TEA Fluencer TApp

When you're new to the TEA Project, we assume that you don't have any TEA tokens in your wallet. TEA tokens are the utility tokens used to pay gas fees on the TEA Project network, similar to how ETH works on the Ethereum network. By engaging in actions such as quoting and retweeting, you can earn a certain amount of testnet credit. This credit is designed to help you get started by covering gas fees whenever a transaction occurs on the TEA Project network.

TeaFluencer also lets you participate in airdrops, like the Togar3 game airdrop.

TFluencer stands for TEA Influencer, the KOLs of the TEA community.

Rules for Credit:

  • Credit only covers gas fees on the TEA Project network.

  • Credit decreases by 10% daily.

  • Credit cannot be transferred or withdrawn.

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