Hosting Profitability

Miners deploy their mining machines on the TEA network to earn profit. To start earning on the network, miners will need the following:

  • A AWS Nitro machine. The TEA Project runs on AWS Nitro at the time of mainnet launch

  • A CML NFT. Camellia (CML) NFTs are needed as a mining license to activate mining nodes. Miners interested in hosting TApps will purchase a B CML. These are purchased through CML auctions, an open process where winning bids are taken in TEA (which is burned) in exchange for CML.

How miners determine the potential revenue?

In the TEA Project, we use the terms "mining" and "running a node" interchangeably. There are three types of mining available:

  • State machine maintainer mining. Running a state maintainer node helps maintain the TEA Project's state machine. These miners pay a Harberger Tax for the privilege of running a state maintainer node and earns revenue from the memory tax paid by TApps. For more detail please go to Harberger Auction TApp

  • CML TApp hosting mining. When a user says they want to mine on the TEA Project, they will probably be running a hosting node.

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