Epoch 5

Beginning in epoch 5, mining will become even more realistic as contestants will need to use cloud computers to run their mining machines. That means they’ll need to have command line experience firing up cloud instances on services like AWS and Digital Ocean. We want to make the mining contest as close to reality as possible. This means that miners in epoch 5 will have more technical hurdles to successfully mine as we prepare them for the technical requirements necessary to be a miner on the TEA network.

Epoch 5 Consume Actions

In epoch 5, the consume action automatically happens every 1000 blocks. The following amount of TApp tokens are purchased and distributed to hosters and TApp token investors according to the following formula:

  • YouTube TEA Fluencer TApp: 100T worth of tokens per view, max of 2500T per 1000 blocks. Minimum of 10T per 1000 blocks.

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