Epoch 6

Epoch 6 does away with COFFEE funding, requiring contestants to pay to purchase CML seeds. Epoch 4 added the ability of contestants to create their own TApps. Epoch 5 made it so that people must create their own mining machines.

Epoch 6 rules

  • COFFEE Loans are no longer necessary for initial funds - TEA is the only currency. Contestants will purchase CML coupons redeemable for seeds using their own crypto and can use Genesis TEA loans to obtain TEA funds necessary for staking slots and interacting with TApps.

  • C CML seeds are not powerful enough to host TApps, but they can earn public service rewards by verifying B CML machines' availability. An added benefit of running a C CML miner is that there's no need for a public IP and there's therefore no need to rent a cloud server. A typical home computer with a residential internet connection is sufficient to mine with a Type C CML.

  • PoS staking and mining are possible in layer-1, the same as Polkadot. Miners wishing to earn through PoS can use this url.

  • C CML can earn Availability Attestation (Obsolete) rewards by monitoring the availability of B CML.

  • All available YouTube IDs for TEA Fluencer TApp creation will be selectable via a popup in the TApp creation modal dialog. There are two constraints for anyone creating a TApp: 1) there is a 100T non-refundable deposit for creating a TApp and 2) the contestant has 24 hours to get the TApp hosted. If the TApp isn't hosted within 24 hours, the TApp is manually taken back from the user ready to be deployed by someone else and the user loses their 100T deposit.

  • There's a new TApp, the Tea Party app. Anyone can create a Tea Party app and become a host of a TEA table. The host can invite other contestants to join their table to chat. The contest rounds will tip based on how many messages are in your table.

  • Contestants can now transfer funds and CML coupons.

  • A negative balance is no longer possible because there's no COFFEE debt.

  • All contestants can share a portion of the $2000 total rewards. There is no longer a limit of only the top 20 finishers.

  • Besides our Telegram group, contestants can ask question in the Tea Party help desk TApp. Contestants can also post buy/sell messages there.

Epoch 6 - CML prices

The contest CML can now be purchased directly by contestants. Contestants can send BNB or BUSDT to the wallet listed on the registration form for the CML bundle they want. Further purchases can be done by contacting us at our Telegram group. Note that these only exist for the epoch they were issued on and aren't the mainnet CML that will be issued later.

The pricing is as follows:

CML seedsPriceDiscount from full price

2 B CML + 4 C CML



1 B CML + 2 C CML









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