TEA Project Intro

TEA Project is a decentralized cloud computing platform that hosts rich, decentralized applications known as TApps. These are completely decentralized running in miners' nodes or between peer-to-peer clients. By offering highly-scalable and decentralized apps, TEA Project combines the best of both blockchain and cloud computing.

Going through the links below in order will give you a good overview of the TEA Project, what we're trying to accomplish, and how we're going about it.

  • TEA Project's Litepaper gives an overview of the TEA Project and how it's going about solving the problems inherent with decentralized compute. TEA's roots of trust combine to form TEA's decentralized compute platform. Those interested in more technical details can read the following article as well as more on our dev docs site.

  • Example applications that shows how TEA ecosystem participants interact with each other and the underlying architecture including token incentives. For more information on how participants are rewarded, see the following article on profitability.

  • The TEA Project has two system level tokens: TEA, a utility token used for gas on the network, and CML, an NFT that functions as a mining license. More info is available in our tokens section. Besides these system tokens, users can create their own token using Bonding Curves. The creators can use these token to pay in their TApps or as an investment tool.

  • Follow our User's manual to start.

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