CML Miner Tokens

Buying the bonding curve tokens of a hosting CML mining node is a way for users to earn a share of mining revenue without having to setup a mining machine. Each active hosting CML mining machine will have its own bonding curve token associated with it. Owning a miner's bonding curve token entitles the holder to earn a percentage of that miner's rewards in the form of token dividends.

TEA token mining rewards come from public service rewards and from the gas fees paid by users to CML node operators when the TApp they use accesses these particular nodes.

In addition to earning dividends, hosting CML token holders will also benefit from the price appreciation of the token itself. Mining stake tokens are issued on a bonding curve, which means that the price of the token increases as the supply increases.

As TEA mining rewards are earned, the net percentage after the miner takes their share (the theta %) is injected into the CML token's bonding curve. This results in an increase in the number of CML bonding curve tokens which are distributed proportionally as a dividend to existing staking token holders.

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