TEA Fluencer TApp

TEA Fluencer is a type of TApp designed to allow influencers to engage with their fans/subscribers in a way that benefits both parties. It allows influencers leverage the built-in bonding curve (on the TApp) to gain social media viralness by providing TEA incentives for their fans/audiences to promote their work for them.
The bonding curve also rewards influencers (creators) with passive income, set through dividends. The consume action happens anytime that the a TEA Fluencer TApp is used by an enduser who performs the required action of the TEA Fluencer TApp.

Current Implementation of the TEA Fluencer TApp Template

The current implementation of the TEA Fluencer TApp template as of Epoch 12 is as follows.
  • Anyone can create a TApp using the TEA Fluencer template.
  • The social media action is based around Twitter, specifically a quote retweet.
  • The incentive for an enduser is to activate a faucet which provides them currently testnet TEA in exchange for the action they do in social media.
The total chain of events looks like this:
  • An influencer publishes a TApp and gives it a name e.g. Promo. They create a TApp token at the same time with a symbol e.g. PROMO.
  • The influencer lists a tweet they want to promote within the TApp.
  • The influencer can post a link to their TApp with instructions to quote retweet any particular tweet to their followers if they want to earn some testnet TEA tokens.
  • A follower of the influencer (or anyone who views the influencer's tweet) will quote retweet the designated tweet and copy the URL of their quote retweet.
  • When the follower opens the influencer's TApp (in this case called Promo), they'll paste in the URL of their quote retweet to activate the faucet.
  • Upon successfully accepting the quote retweet URL, two things will happen: 1. the enduser will receive a testnet TEA token reward (currently 500T as of Epoch 12) and 2. a consume event will be generated for the TEA Fluencer token holders (in this example, the holders of the PROMO token). In Epoch 12, this consume event was for 100 TEA.
The idea is that by promoting their TEA Fluencer TApp, an influencer can both increase a particular tweet's viralness and increase the value of their TApp token all while helping their followers earn some testnet TEA while onboarding onto the TEA Project.