TEA Browser Wallet

The TEA Browser Wallet is the main portal through which users will access the TEA Project network of TApps. In addition to the list of TApps, endusers can sign-in to the browser wallet to transact investment tokens as well as top-up funds to TEA's layer-2 (as well as withdraw back to Ethereum).
There are 2 options for running the TEA browser wallet:
  1. 1.
    Remote. You can access the remotely hosted wallet client at wallet.teaproject.org.
  2. 2.
    Local. The TEA Project is decentralized, allowing you to run the browser wallet locally on your machine without the aid of any central servers.
  • To get started, you should first have Node.js installed on your computer. The official repo should be sufficient for most users, though Linux, Windows, and Mac users can also install Node using a package manager. Just make sure that the Node version installed is greater than 14.
  • Visit https://github.com/tearust/tea-browser-wallet/ and download the repo:
Unpack the zip archive.
  • Start the browser wallet. From your command line terminal, run the following two commands when in the downloaded tea-browser-wallet-master folder :
npm i
npm start
  • You should now to be able to access the browser wallet using localhost with the given port in your web browser:
You can use either localhost:3000 or